Cleaning House (Virtually!)

I started this blog when I deleted my old Facebook profile as a way of continuing to update loved ones about my usual goings-on and to provide some access to pictures of and anecdotes about the kids.  The blog has mostly been a mish-mash of random posts since then and I really wanted to sharpen my focus.  I care most about parenting, so – much as it may be considered a no-no – I moved a whole bunch of my old posts to the trash.  I didn’t have the heart to outright delete them, but they may yet go the way of the buffalo.  I’ve got to learn to let go sometime, ha!

So after a long hiatus and no small amount of internal debate I have returned with a vision for this blog and will henceforth post accordingly.  This may mean my posts are more sporadic, sometimes many posts close together, sometimes fewer posts with farther in between, but I have not left this blog for dead!  See you all soon!